Three weeks ago, a video started to circulate online showing a 16 year old girl from Northfield, Birmingham, launch an unprovoked and quite frankly vicious attack on two 14 year old girls whom she did not know. The footage shows how the girl (who cannot be named for legal reasons) forced her two victims on to their hands and knees and demanded a grovelling apology after they apparently gave her ‘dirty looks’. Not only were the youngsters physically hit and thieved from, at the sentencing of their attacker they said that the footage – which has been seen over 11 million times – only added to their humiliation.

Despite their ordeal which clearly inflicted terror upon them at the hands of this vulgar bully, the judge spared the bully jail. In a statement read out after the girl left court, her defense mentioned that she had an “unstable” upbringing as if it were supposed to excuse her actions.

Time and again bullies are being excused for their attacks based on the fact their upbringing wasn’t idyllic, and it’s about time people stopped using this as a scapegoat for their actions. Speaking as someone whose father has been absent from my life for the best part of 15 years and is now in prison for violent crime, I feel fit to speak on this matter.

The fact that my father has committed heinous crimes and is in fact a shoddy person has in no way, shape or form impacted upon my life. Despite knowing for most of my life that he’s more than likely in and out of prison, I have never used that as an excuse every time I’ve done something that makes me look like a bad person.

If anything, having a bad example set before me from my parents has served only to influence me into ensuring that I turn out nothing like them. I have tried my utmost hardest to be as different from them as possible and to be my own person who admits when I mess up. And yes, I mess up a lot. But I have never once tried to blame it on the fact that my childhood was far from the norm.

So whilst studies might defend bullish behavior, I personally think it’s a load of unjustifiable bollocks. If someone is nasty then it’s their conscious decision to be so. No one can tell you how to act or how to treat others; it’s a personal decision and if you’re a bad person then you should admit to it rather than trying to find excuses. The idea that this girl was from a ‘broken home’ did not force her to physically abuse two innocent girls and therefore she should be held fully accountable for her disgusting actions –  as should every other sickening bully to exist.

Whilst this might be a sordid post to read, it’s something that’s been playing on my mind for a while and I felt like something had to be said.


Featured image: Mackenzie Morrow


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