Five Things I’ll Miss When I Move To University

Tomorrow marks my last day in Peterborough before I up and move to Lincoln to start my degree in journalism. I would say that I’m nervous; however the whole thing seems moderately surreal and so I’m numb to the whole situation right now. Despite this, there are a handful of things that I’ve been thinking about and these are things that I will miss most. Obviously I’ll miss my family and friends, but there are a few other things that I’ll more than likely reminisce about when I’m in my shoebox room highlighting textbooks.

  1. Four hour naps – whilst I am aware that four hour naps aren’t really classed as naps in the same way that it’s also probably not healthy to sleep that much midday, I’ll miss them. I feel like at uni it’s going to be frowned upon for me to spend so much time in my bed alone. I don’t want to seem like a hermit so I think I’ll have to learn to survive without my long naps – or at least I’ll have to learn to only nap for an hour or so like a normal human being.
  2. A well stocked fridge – learning to cope living on Asda bare essentials might be a bit of a struggle for someone like me who is used to opening up the kitchen fridge and finding an abundance of yummy foods. Chocolate mousse, cans of fizzy pop and a shed load of deli-counter meat might well be a thing of the past – at least until I come home for a weekend here and there. In the same way, I’ll miss opening up the dry food drawer that is filled with goodies such as Special K bars, chocolate digestives and cherry bakewells. Instead, I’ll probably be greeted with half a loaf of bread and some pasta, but one will have to make do.
  3. Free laundry – fair enough, someone has to pay for laundry detergent and someone has to pay for the electric, but at home that person is not me and so to me, washing is free. Everyday my washing gets done, hung on the line, ironed, folded and is back on the end of my bed by the time night falls. At £2.10 per wash at the campus launderette, it’s safe to say that my washing will get done around twice a week, and the notion of having to purchase my own detergent (which is ludicrously priced may I add) isn’t really tickling my pickle in the slightest. Ironing will get done if it’s really necessary and who needs to fold clothes anyway? Not this gal.
  4. Staff discount – leaving my job to go to uni was a sad affair, what with leaving all the wonderful people I have worked with over the past year. But what’s just as sad and if not worse is losing my staff discount. Working in Paperchase I developed an expensive taste for cards and stationary. This is a taste which I simply cannot afford to upkeep at uni, but I’m still going to try anyway. My student loan is no match for a £4.75 birthday card, but I’ll attempt to fork out nonetheless.
  5. Cathedral Square hotdog van – The green hotdog van that is parked in Cathedral Square in the centre of my hometown has always been my favourite place to eat. Their jumbo hotdogs are quite frankly the bomb and I am yet to find a hotdog that matches up to their standard. Even a whiff of the greasy goodness gets my mouth watering and I don’t know how I’m supposed to go months at a time without one of these beauties. So, to the people I leave behind in Peterborough, have a hotdog on my behalf. You won’t regret it.

Home comforts will be hard to live without, but I’m sure I’ll settle in fairly quickly. I have lovely flatmates, wonderful course mates and I will be living in one of the most beautiful cities, but I have no doubt that it’ll take some time for me to get over my glorious hotdogs and half price stationary. Despite this, I’m ready.


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