“Terrorism has no nationality or religion” – Vladamir Putin

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Never once did I imagine myself to not only agree with, but to also publish, a quote by Russian president, Vladamir Putin. Despite the atrocities his government commit on a daily basis, there is one subject in which he speaks the truth, and that matter is terrorism.

In the wake of the Lebanese and Parisian terrorist attacks on Friday 13th November, the world was – rightly so – thrown into a chaotic frenzy fueled by emotions of grief, anger, confusion and pure panic. No one felt safe, and it’s fair to say that the large majority of civilians in the targeted cities and countries more than likely have just as much refuge now as they did in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Whilst this uneasy tension is very understandable and more than reasonable, since the attacks, there have been several issues regarding people taking the ‘panic’ too far.

On Tuesday, the Metro reported how a man on a train in Newcastle attempted to force a Muslim woman off of the train after accusing her of planting a bomb. She had done nothing wrong. This totally unjust and unprovoked barrage of abuse was unnecessary and is totally demeaning to 2015 Britain.

The Sun recently sparked controversy after publishing a headline that read, ‘1 in 5 Brit Muslims sympathy with jihadi’s’. Not only is this headline completely racist and hateful, it also has the power to influence to laymen of the United Kingdom who are not educated and do not have the capacity to make rational thoughts based on proper facts. What the article didn’t mention was how 1 in 3 white British people supposedly sympathise with jihadis also. Although, the Qur’an traches Muslims to always accept and forgive the decisions of others, therefore any kind of sympathy would more than likely be based off of perfectly respectful beliefs and would not condone such an act.

Imagine a world where every religion had a stereotype. Christians could all be child molesters or members of the KKK for example. I say that because we are frequently exposed to such stories through the media, yet no one stereotypes Christians based off of the irrational actions of those who claim to be doing the things they do in the name of Christ.

So why do we do it to Muslims? Terrorism is not a branch of a religion. Terrorism doesn’t always mean suicide bombers. Terrorism can be mass murder, much like in the case of Andres Breivik, the Norwegian man who shot dead 77 students in 2011. Breivik explicitally admitted to Islamaphobia, which goes to show that you don’t have to be Muslim to be a terrorist.

This post was more of a rant than anything, however I urge you to take away from this that terrorism is not exclusive to a religion. Terrorism is not a religion nor does it follow a religion – even if it claims to. Terrorism is the act in which a twisted individual plots and often carries out a devastating atrocity in a bid for attention and panic.

We must rubbish the idea that it is specific to Islam because it is not, and if you think it is and if you think Muslims are terrorists then you have no place in my life, nor do you have a place in modern day society for you are a backwards, uneducated coward.


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