Things that happened to me in 2016

Many have labelled 2016 as the worst year yet, but for me it hasn’t been all that bad. Sure, there have been unpleasant things happen, but there have also been some pretty awesome/weird things that have happened too, and I thought I’d share a few of those things with you.

I cooked my very own roast dinner for the first time


Whilst this may not seem like anything interesting, for someone who manages to consistently burn beans, eggs and pizza, this was a rather big adult achievement.

I went on the London Eye


I’m actually very scared of heights, so the fact I not only wanted to, but even paid to, go on the biggest ferris wheel in the UK really says something (even if I did have to sit down whilst right at the top due to jelly legs).

I learned the location of most countries in Europe


My geography skills have always been lacking, but being the only English person in my new student house really showed how much I needed to refine my map knowledge. I now know the location of most of the countries in Europe.

I voted for the first time


Being a summer baby meant that in the 2015 general election I was two months too young to vote, but this year I voted in the EU referendum and I felt very adult indeed.

 I finally got some magazine work experience 

6947633069_0b59815d3d_o (1).jpg

After being rejected by numerous publications for the best part of a year, my time finally came around at the end of 2016 and it was definitely worth the wait.

I got invited to partake in a drunken threesome


I was as mortified when it happened as you were when you read that. I declined by the way, jut in case you were wondering.

I found my glow


I found my inner glowing goddess with the beauty that is highlight, and now my cheeks are shining so bright that I’ll be going into 2017 dazzling more than a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

I know these things might seem uninteresting to some people, but I thought it would be a nice post to break up the saturation of ‘2016 was such a bad year’ posts.


Featured image: Marceline Smith


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