Welcome to Viamegan, a blog run by me, Megan Taylor. I am a trainee journalist studying in my second year at the University of Lincoln.

My blog is my personal writing platform to write about anything that comes to mind, including reviews, opinion pieces and thoughts on recent news. That might sound a bit boring but, if you look closely at some of my posts, you’ll find that every once in a blue moon I write something ever so slightly comical that just might make you chuckle (and if that’s not worth having a nosey around my site then I don’t know what is). Of course, the main aim of my blog is make you scratch your head and think, but if I can make you giggle along the way then why not?

The face behind the blog.

In case my face wasn’t quite enough to make me seem less robotic, here are a few quirky details about me that will definitely prove that I am indeed a human:

  • The colour I take my tea: Tio De Janeiro (according to the British tea colour chart)
  • Favourite meal deal combo: southern fried chicken wrap, cool Doritos and a green machine Naked smoothie
  • Guilty pleasure: Keeping up with the Kardashians
  • Ultimate pet peeve: people who breathe too heavy
  • Biggest crush: Danny Dyer (not even sorry)
  • Idol: Graydon Carter

For professional journalistic enquiries, be sure to head over to my journalism tab to see a small selection of some of the things I’ve produced and written.

I hope you enjoy my site. Do remember to follow my blog if you fancy it. Happy reading!

Meg 🙂


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